Bitrealm.online is an in-development MMORPG Survival Minecraft server developed by DANDYCORP.

Bitrealm is the product of a 3 year long project that has been delicately hand-crafted by a team of talented creatives and developers.
Currently, Bitrealm is in its infancy, only available to whitelisted users in a “closed beta” state. Once the content of Bitrealm is in a more stable and functional state, the server will be released to the public in an open beta for all to enjoy.


  • MMORPG Style levelling with 6 classes to choose from
  • Complex RPG item system with millions of options for fully customizable builds
  • Fearsome bosses and dungeons suited for the toughest of adventurers
  • Beautiful and handmade world map with diverse biomes and flora
  • Custom hostile and passive entities
  • Guild and guild PvP systems
  • Fully survival gameplay
  • Active and friendly community

Are you interested in joining? Join the community Discord at https://bitrealm.online/discord/ apply for the closed beta!