Update 6.0.0 – The Item System Update

RELEASING 08/19/22 @ 5:00PM

The full release of Bitrealm’s item system!

hey guys, dandy here.

the next big update is here!!!

the foundational pieces of Bitrealm’s item system have been around for a few months now, but as of this update all of the item system’s building blocks will be present. for those who haven’t seen any of the item system mechanics that have trickled in over the past few months… this post will explain them all!


Bitrealm’s custom items (or, what the community has lovingly called “dandy items”) vary across the board from tools, weapons, armor, accessories, and more. each have some of their own unique mechanics. they each consist of old and new stat boosts that empower the player in unique ways.

just as the items themselves empower the players, the players can empower their items making them stronger, more durable, or more effective depending on what the item is. they can do so with the following mechanics…

The Blacksmith, Gemsmith, Merchant & Jeweler

the first four NPC shopkeepers to be added to Bitrealm are fundamental in the new item system.

The Blacksmith returns from season 1 with a few new fancy tricks. The Blacksmith sports an array of repair kits to help repair items, smelters to deconstruct items, and recipes for crafting fancy new items.

The Merchant offers only items for sale and no recipes. he sells all wares ranging from leather bags to health and mana potions.

The Gemsmith sells pouches full of gems and recipes for players to reconstruct their deconstructed gems into whichever gem they choose.

The Jeweler purchases rare minerals from the world and offers recipes for shiny new accessories for your player.

at this current moment our NPC friends only spawn in “caravans” which come around at the same time and place wandering traders would usually spawn. however, as our beautiful new spawn city Port Celeste is under construction, they will be finding themselves new homes very shortly.


reinforcements are the most universal way to empower an item. almost every item in the game can be reinforced.

item smelters can be purchased from the Blacksmith or Gemsmith and will deconstruct any item they’re applied to

deconstructed items result in rarity essence corresponding to the rarity of the item deconstructed. common items will drop common essence, mythical items will drop mythical essence, etc. 4 essence of the same rarity can be crafted together to make 1 essence of the next highest rarity.

combining 9 essence will result in a rarity compound, which when returned to The Blacksmith can be turned into a rarity ingot.

applying an ingot to an item permanently upgrades it and adds a suffix based on how many times it has been reinforced. (+1, +2, etc.) any item can only ever be reinforced 5 times, and each type of item receives different enhancements depending on its purpose. (i.e. weapons vs armor or tools vs accessories)

the lifecycle of an item


gems are Bitrealm’s replacement for enchantments. there are dozens of types of gems all with stats generated on a bell curve so nearly no two gems are the same.

gems can be found all across the world. they drop from mobs, they can be crafted by The Gemsmith, they can be obtained from gem pouches, etc.

gems have different types, Offense, Defense, Resource, Utility and Special. most items in the game have gem sockets corresponding to these different types, and gems can only be placed in sockets of the same type.

when deconstructed, instead of dropping essence, gems drop gem dust. this dust can be returned to The Gemsmith to be crafted into any gem of any rarity. this gives purpose to less valuable gems as they allow you to craft gems you actually want.

gems are by far the most effective way to grow in power. hunting down “high roll” gems that are best for your class and build are how you become significantly stronger.


gems and reinforcements were present in the first season of Bitrealm, but modifiers are brand new! they make items innately more or less powerful before being enhanced by player-intervention. modifiers add a level of variability to an item’s worth, and allow for build personalization with specific modifier strengths. a lucky adventurer can find a mob drop with an excellent modifier, or an unlucky one can find a mob drop with a negative modifier.

modifiers are classified by -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, and +3 quality modifiers. -3 modifiers make your item significantly worse, and +3 modifiers make your item significantly better. there are more positive and neutral modifiers than there are negative ones, so you’re more likely to benefit from modifiers than to be hindered by them.

a very sad video of a very unlucky dandy hunting for a +3 modifier

a new crafting station, The Oblivion Forge, allows you to reroll the modifiers on an item at the cost of 4 rarity essence. if the essence is the same tier as the item and the item is capable of having modifiers (i.e. not a block or a bucket or whatever) a new modifier will be applied.


that concludes the ways to enhance items, but before i close this post out i’d like to show you the brand new item type added to Bitrealm – accessories.

accessories are a special kind of item that only grant their stats to the player when they’re equipped in the new accessory inventory. each accessory inventory has slots for two earrings, two rings, one necklace and one belt. each of these seperate accessories grant different stats (albeit in very small quantities) and have different reinforcement upgrade paths.

they serve primarily as sponges for all your strongest gemstones, but still provide small boosts to your damage and resistances on their own.

you can access the new accessory inventory by using the commands /inventory /inv /accessory /accessories or /acc


with these new foundations in place the capability for players to grow in strength has just grown exponentially. there are now nearly infinite different ways to customize your character’s build and limitless potential for min-maxing.

now, with this foundation in place, it’s time to fight something that will rival this newfound power…

stay tuned!

that’s all for now, and as always i love you all and thank you for your continued support. this project has begun to blow up in ways i could have only imagined, and i hope you’re all as excited as i am to see where this goes.

– dandy